PxP: For Patients, By Patients


PxP pour les patients, par les patients

Partnering to make research stronger

Are you looking to:

  • Learn more about patient engagement in health research?
  • Network, share resources and discuss challenges?
  • Boost your knowledge and skills?

The PxP initiative is a hub for patient engagement in health research brought to you For Patients, By Patients. PxP is designed for patient partners and other individuals with lived experience.

We recognise that outside of Canada, patient engagement is referred to as Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) or Consumer Engagement. Regardless of your preferred terminology, we welcome you to PxP and embrace the global nature of this initiative.

Photo shows a collage of different drawings that illustrate having an idea. This includes a colourful brain in the centre which is made up of various cogs to demonstrate everything working together.

About Us

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Photo shows a small part of the side of a person's head, with their back to the camera. The photo is mainly focused on the hands of this individual, which they are using to frame the sunset.

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