Some common FAQs are answered below, but please feel free to reach out to our team: [email protected]

The very first PxP (For Patients, By Patients) conference will be September 12-14 (for those in Europe, Africa or North and South America), or 13-15 (Asia and Oceania).

We hope to be joined by people from across the globe. To increase the chance of people being able to attend live, we will be starting Day 3 at a different time. When you register for the Zoom event for each of the three days, it should automatically convert to your current time zone. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out: [email protected]

Please note, although our steering committee is international, our operations team is based in Western Canada.

Registration will be opening very soon. To receive a notification when tickets are live, sign up for our mailing list here. Tickets are FREE, and you can register for each day separately depending on your availabilities.

Absolutely! We will be hosting all sessions on the PxP website after the event. Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates including when the recordings are ready to view.

Yes! PxP meets all five of the criteria necessary to self-certify as Patients Included ™. Read more here.

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