"We developed a relationship before we did any work. That’s the key: it’s about relationships." - Alma McCormick

One thing I’d like to see changed as a result of PxP

Guest blog with Joletta Belton

PxP: Partnering to Make Research Stronger

Guest blog with Joletta Belton

Co-creating through Social Media Crowdsourcing

Developing an infographic with and for patient partners about conference abstracts by Dr. Dawn Richards
Grey surface with four small, round holes in a line. Three grey cylinders slot into three of these holes. A bright red square cylinder does not fit in the fourth.

A square peg in a round hole: Patient and public author affiliations in academic journals

by: Dawn P. Richards (patient partner and Five02 Labs Inc, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and Jim Elliott (independent advocate for patients in research, Wales, UK)

Engaging Patient Partners as Peer Reviewers of Grant Applications: Tips for Everyone Involved

By: Dawn Richards, Deb Baranec, Eileen Davidson, Trudy Flynn

Case Study: Expanding and supporting the patient partner community in research

By: Laurie Proulx, Nadine Lalonde, Anna Samson, Linda Roy, Julie McKenna

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